Holistic Wellness Coaching 



  • tired, stressed and anxious?

  • low energy levels and low resilience?

  • chronic pain in your body?


Then, my holistic coaching is here to support and motivate you to develop

healthy habits through various holistic lifestyle tools during your transformational journey.​

You have the strength and healing power within you.

It is time to take control of your wellness, gain back your vitality and maintain optimum health.

"Transformation doesn’t ask that you stop being you. It demands that you find a way back to the authenticity and strength that’s already inside of you." Cheryl Strayed

What is holism?

​​In Greek, Holism means 'entire' or ‘total’. Holism is the integration of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical elements of being. Holistic wellness and healing treatments root back to 2500 years ago, with Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Living in harmony with nature is the core of holistic living.

Change is a process.

It is not a linear path but rather a bumpy one, full of ups and downs. That is why change and any type of transformation takes patience and time. 
Holistic wellness coaching asks only two things from you: willpower and responsibility.


Holistic wellness coaching radical self-care tools for the mind, body & soul:

Mind Work:

  • Compassionate inquiry

  • Exploring heartfelt desires

  • Creating affirmations

  • Creating wellness vision

  • 'Eating' and 'Moving' behaviour consciousness

  • Creating healthy 'rituals'

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Relaxation techniques for coping with stress and anxiety

Body Work:

  • Gentle bodywork and functional yoga sequences for creating somatic awareness

  • Nutrition

Energy Work:

  • Healing & balancing energy work

  • Stimulating & balancing chi flow through energy meridiens and energy centers 

  • Energy Medicine techniques

  • Breathing techniques

One-On-One Holistic Wellness Coaching

This program provides you a well-structured and systematic support, with an inspiring, motivational, nurturing style. My aim is to offer a truly caring, open-minded, non-judgmental approach. With an open heart, I listen to your needs and desires wholeheartedly, help you design your wellness goals, present holistic solutions and self care tools according to your needs. I believe in transparency, authenticity and sincerity. Trust is at the center of my sessions, which I build through keeping all our meetings confidential.

Heart & Soul Work:

  • Moving from mind to heart

  • Awakened heart and soul

  • Reconnection with higher self and true nature within

  • Offering self love and self compassion

  • Deep soul work

Content for coaching will include:

  • Wheel of Life Assessment: Physical, mental, occupational, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental aspects of wellness

  • Pyramid of values: Identifying core values

  • Identifying the barriers and stage of readiness

  • Developing focus areas, wellness growth plan &  wellness mapping

  • Creating a Wellness Vision

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutritional and Ayurvedic resources

Pricing and more information about coaching sessions

  • 50 Euros per one-hour session

  • Holistic Wellness is a VAT exempt company

  • Sessions are one-on-one (online or in person) 

  • Minimum 8 sessions advised. 


Contact me here for more information and appointments.

What is Holistic Wellness Coaching?

Essentially, Holistic Wellness Coaching is for everyone and anyone who wants to improve their health and make a change in their lives. It is all about helping clients discover their wellness goals and their journey towards them in a wholesome, holistic manner. Rather than dwelling on the past, we focus on the present and future. Holistic Wellness coaching involves lifestyle changes, both in the mind and behaviour. It has the ability to unleash new energy and clarity.
Holistic Wellness Coaching is highly transformative and healing, allowing you to make goal-specific, long lasting positive changes in your life and awakening the sacred self within you. It re-balances your mind, body and soul, using a holistic approach and various self-care tools.  This program cultivates increased awareness & self compassion, inspires you to discover exactly what you need at this point of your life and guides you to make soul centred decisions for yourself. Together, we focus on specific areas and create goals for you to work on and take action towards your wellbeing. Through Holistic Wellness Coaching, we will be taking care of YOU!

There are two options for my coaching programs: One-on-one Holistic Wellness Coaching and Holistic Wellness Group Coaching for Women.

If you are ready for a transformative experience and to invest in yourself in this life changing journey, begin with booking a free discovery session.

Holistic Wellness Group Coaching for Women

This is an empowering and inspirational group coaching program for women.  It is a 2-hour interactive and intensive program which includes a short mindfulness meditation, breathing awareness practice and a presentation about holistic wellness & self-care tools. This coaching program increases your internal awareness and clarifies areas that you might feel stuck with or need to work on.  This women's group coaching program provides the opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences as well as exchange ideas in a safe and friendly environment. You will gain clarity and direction by creating a wellness map of your focus areas.


  • Maximum capacity of one session is 6 people

  • Price pp is 25 Euros (Holistic Wellness is a VAT exempt company)


Contact me here for more information and appointments.