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" Transformation doesn’t ask that you stop being you. It demands that you find a way back to the authenticity and strength that’s already inside of you." -Cheryl Strayed


  • Would you like to improve your wellness and health?

  • Do you have concerns about your wellbeing and wish to feel more fulfilled and balanced in your life?

  • Are you trying to adopt a healthier, long-lasting,  holistic lifestyle and gain more control over your health & well-being? 

  • Are you having some difficulties in decision making, taking actions and moving forward or don't know where to start?

  • Are you looking for ways to introduce more self-awareness and self-care into your life?


If your answer is 'YES' to one or more of these questions, I invite you to read more and join a transformational journey towards holistic wellness with me...


I offer Wellness Coaching using holistic wellness approach, for people who are willing to improve their wellness and feel more balanced, fulfilled and wholesome in life. With my coaching programs, my aim is to help you to re-connect with your true self, create more awareness and self care, to discover exactly what you need, at this point of your life and make long lasting, soul-centered decisions for change & adaptation. Please click here for more information about programs that I offer.



Change is a process.

Change is usually not a linear path but rather a bumpy one, it goes in cycles and it is full of ups and downs. That is why change and any kind of transformation takes time. It also requires patience. Through my Holistic Wellness Programs, we will be taking care of YOU! I will help you uncover some issues that you have been struggling with wellness in your life and we will discover some focus areas for you to work on & take action towards change and holistic wellness. 


Thank you for giving me the chance to support you on your journey!​​

''The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.''-Socrates


More about Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching...


What is holism?

Holism, in Greek means entire’ ‘total’. Holism is the integration of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical elements of being. Holistic wellness and healing treatments root back to 2500 years ago, with Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine. Living in harmony with nature is the core of holistic living.


Holism is the manifestation of best self, it is the whole person, mind-body-spirit as a whole. Cultivating these all in balance is essential for personal wellbeing. Holism is health, fitness and wellness. It is an art of living.


What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is all about helping clients discover where they want to go and helping them get there, in a wholesome, holistic way. It is not too much about the past, but more about the present and the future. The coaching profession is about making a difference and helping people. Wellness coaching involves lifestyle factors and changes, both in mind and in behaviour. Wellness Coaching is like having a personal wellness coach, who will help you take care of your mental, emotional, physical, social, environmental, occupational and spiritual well-being.

Wellness Coaching  is highly transformative and healing. It unleashes new energy and clarity. It is about awakening the sacred self in you. And it will feel like having your own personal ally, all attention only on YOU, for making goal-specific, long lasting positive changes in your life. 


How can we work together?


If you are going through a transition in your life and struggling with various issues, I would like to help you. It does not matter what kind of struggles, what type of transitional period or changes you are going through. Everyone of us goes through one or more of these issues, at least once in our lifetime. Life keeps pushing us (not always a bad thing though) to go out of our comfort zone, forcing us to grow and evolve.

You are not alone!   It is okay to give yourself permission, if you need a little support and motivation to go through these transitional periods. But you will need to re-connect within and give more attention & care towards YOURSELF, in order to realise your vision, goals in life and to experience a true transformation.

Wellness Coaching requires only two things from you: Willpower and Responsibility.

What is the essence of my coaching style?


YOU ARE ALREADY ENOUGH. You have the strength and the healing power within you, but I am here to support you in your transformational journey!


I will try my best to give you a well-structured and systematic support, with an inspiring, motivational, nurturing and healing style. My aim is to offer you a truly caring, open-minded, non-judgmental approach, giving my pure attention only to YOU. I want to understand you and your needs, desires wholeheartedly and to present some holistic solutions according to your needs, to help you attain your wholesome wellbeing. I believe in transparency, authenticity and sincerity, as I believe that this way of coaching is the most effective way to approach my clients. I also strongly believe that complete confidentiality is important to build trust between us.

Click here for program options and detailed information.

If you are ready for a transformative experience and to invest in yourself in this life changing journey, please begin by the following step: book a free discovery session.

'Grow through what you go through.'

 Wellness Coaching



Coaching through an

Holistic Wellness approach

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Social

  • Spiritual

  • Environmental

  • Occupational


  • Re-connection to true self

  • More self awareness

  • Feeling more  balanced & centered

  • Feeling alive and self-empowered

  • Smooth and easier adaptation to change

  • Higher confidence , motivation and self-worth

  • Tapping into real potential

  • Goal-oriented, purposeful life

  • Self-explorations

  • Coping better with stress, anxiety and other emotional issues

  • More clarity

  • Nurturing & healing self

  • Long-lasting lifestyle changes

  • Mindset shifts

  • Soul-centered decisions

  • A more balanced, fulfilled and wholesome life


Holistic Wellness


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