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Beginner and Intermediate levels

YOGA & MINDFULNESS: A gentle Hatha flow Yoga class, that provides a good workout for the body, for creating positive & optimum health, helps relax your mind & rejuvenate your soul. This class offers an integrated and a holistic approach which consist of mindfulness meditation, slow flow movements, asanas (steady and comfortable postures), breathing awareness & exercises and deep relaxation. 

YIN/YANG YOGA & MINDFULNESS: This yoga class consists of  mindfulness meditation, Yang sequences and Yin Yoga poses and deep relaxation at the end. Yin/Yang Yoga, is a combination of gentle Yang flow sequences and static Yin yoga poses, which complement each other perfectly. It has powerful beneficial effects on joints, connective tissue, facia, Chi flow in the energy meridians, and offers emotional, mental healing long term effects. 

Online Group Yoga class: 

  • Yoga and Mindfulness, every Tuesday at 09.30-10.45 

Online Private Yoga classes:

  • Weekly ongoing classes 

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