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‘Holistic’ means integration of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical elements of being. Holistic wellness is the manifestation of best self, wellbeing of mind-body-spirit as a whole. Cultivating all these in a balanced manner is essential for wholesome wellbeing. This is the art of living.

Here are 20 suggestions for living a healthy, balanced and holistic life:

1. Wake up early.

2. Go to bed early.

3. Drink plenty of water, jasmine or green tea.

4. Sleep well.

5. M-O-V-E! Walk, run, dance, yoga, cycle, hike, swim, go to the gym…

6. Learn & practice correct breathing.

7. Meditate regularly.

8. Make time for mindfulness and to reconnecting with nature.

9. Practice solitude: Enjoy alone time at least 3 times a day to relax and reset yourself.

10. Try Journaling. Write down any thought or emotion that is arising within you, practice acceptance & letting go by writing.

11. Explore Ayurveda and your predominant body type: Eat & live accordingly.

12. Stop eating after 19.00.

13. Practice 15-20 minutes of deep relaxation each day.

14. Eat clean. Monitor your food intake and timing. Control your portions & minimise refined and processed foods.

15. Write down 3 gratitude sentences before going to bed.

16. Socialize, connect, share.

17. Give yourself permission for self-care. Make a list for things that feed your soul and that will support your self-care routine.

18. Travel.

19. Create morning & evening rituals. Stick with them.

20. Dream often and visualise a positive future.

These suggestions are not only about your physical body, but also about your spirit, mind and emotions. What you eat and drink, your unique biology, lifestyle, experiences you encounter throughout your life, mental and emotional states and the choices you make in life all affect your wellbeing.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit. YOU are entirely up to you.

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