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  Holistic Wellness Workshop
Awakening Your Inner Healer    

Holistic Wellness presents a new workshop: Awakening Your Inner Healer. This workshop is a synthesis of invaluable healing modalities and ancient teachings; Yoga, Energy Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mindfulness, Qigong and Tibetan healing sound techniques.

Awakening Your Inner Healer Workshop is suitable for all levels and for anyone who wishes to learn about; 

  • self-healing holistic wellness tools and techniques for activating, circulating, regulating and balancing the qi & blood flow in the meridians

  • creating openness, fluidity & release and supporting spinal & joint mobility

  • adopting healthy wellness habits

  • improving self-awareness

  • cultivating a consistent practice and a regular self-care routine

  • prioritising disease-preventive practices and improve your overall wellbeing. 

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This 2-3 hour workshop includes both theory and practice;

  • Opening and Mindfulness Meditation

  • Theory:

    • Nervous system, vagus nerve and yoga

    • Meridian and 5 Element theory 

    • Yin/Yang and TCM principles

    • Energy Medicine, healing sounds

    • Principles of possible disharmonies and diseases

    • Self-Tuina: Chinese Medicine massage on potent acupressure points, to amplify the benefits of this therapeutic practice

  • YinYang Energy Flow practice: 

    • Mindful Energy Flow: Qigong +Yoga+ Energy Medicine

    • Yin yoga poses with acupressure self-tuina

    • Emotional Reset with the healing sounds

  • Guided deep relaxation 

  • Self-healing ritual and closing

Contact me here to get more information about the workshop

spa stones

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Divya's workshops, she is extremely passionate and knowledgeable on the subject, something which became obvious during the workshop. She also effortlessly created a calming, friendly and informal environment quickly putting the participants at ease. She is very approachable and earnest in her willingness to help others. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and would happily recommend Divya." ~Caitriona

"Just did an amazing yoga nidra with my colleague teacher Beste, I feel so blessed! Thank you, I love it! '~Ilone


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