Therapeutic Movement and Coaching                

with Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

                                A one-on-one tailor-made healing program designed for your needs

                  Are you ready for a transformational wellness journey?
                                              Do you wish to take control of your wellness and feel empowered?
                                                                      Is it time for you to make long lasting positive changes in your life? 

This program is designed to help you with high stress, anxiety, fatigue, stress, burnout, low energy, digestive issues, mental distress, mood imbalances, emotional and nervous system dysregulation, chronic conditions and chronic pain, such as back pain or headaches, then this program is just for you.
We carry issues in our tissues. All the problems, negative emotions, tension, stress and traumas we go through in our lives are stored and accumulated in our bodies, deep inside our tissues.  With therapeutic movement, we start working on our physical bodies, our breath and internal awareness; noticing, sensing, feeling and observing. Through flowing with gentle sequences and somatic movements we can reconnect with our breaths. We use acupressure points to amplify the therapeutic effects of our work. We explore yoga poses for movement as well as stillness, so that we can be introspective, offering ourselves space, time and the opportunity to heal.
The Therapeutic Movement and Coaching program helps you improve your awareness, acquire healthy daily habits, and support you in achieving your optimum health. This program includes TCM assessment, coaching, personalised applications and continuous support, which integrates various healing modalities using the wisdom of Eastern disciplines.

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The Therapeutic Movement and Coaching program determines the root cause of the chief complaint and develop a unique, tailor-made personalised program for the client. TCM approach looks for disharmony and dysfunctional areas in your body & lifestyle, using the 8 principles of TCM & the 5 element theory. The aim of TCM is not to diagnose an illness, but rather to place focus on, harmonise & support the imbalanced areas; to work on preventive health tools and to help re-balance & cultivate optimum health in the long term.

This program consists of 3 steps:
1. Traditional Chinese Medicine assessment
2. Holistic wellness coaching
3. Applications and continuing Therapeutic Movement sessions

After determining the cause of the complaint, with the help of a detailed one-on-one TCM assessment, a tailor-made therapeutic movement program will be offered. In this program, Yoga poses and gentle sequences, meditation, mindfulness, Mindful Energy Flow sequences- which include breath work, qigong, acupressure tapping points, sound healing and energy medicine techniques- together with tools for stress management and self care will be used.
As a continuation of the program, after the TCM assessment and coaching sessions, weekly one-hour or 30 minute Therapeutic Movement sessions will be offered to ensure the ongoing implementation of goals and new healthy habits set together with the client.

"Change is inevitable, but transformation is a choice"

More information about the sessions

  • One-on-one sessions (online or in person) 

  • Minimum 8 sessions are advised in order to evaluate the progress and results



  • Investment for yourself: One FREE evaluation session + 50 Euros per one hour session (TCM Assessment and coaching) +  25 Euros for weekly 30 minute Therapeutic Movement sessions

  • Holistic Wellness is a VAT exempt company

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"I have been taking online private yoga lessons from Beste for a few months now. I experience quite some improvements in my life quality, not only physically but also psychologically. Beste listens to me. And I mean it: she really listens my needs and wishes... She pays attention to many aspects of the yoga practice, not only physical but also psychological and spiritual and explains very well that I'll get benefit from yoga if I'll do it every day... Beste is a very kind and friendly person and committed to teaching yoga. She has a deep knowledge, and years of experience in teaching yoga - in private and group lessons... can not thank Beste enough for teaching me yoga and guiding me in the practice so well. I have the feeling that taking private lessons from her brought me forward in my life.” Cigdem