I started my yoga and spiritual journey learning Reiki. Then, I completed my first yoga teacher training (vyasa-Vivekananda Yoga Therapy University) in 2004 and I was given the name "Divya" by my teacher, meaning 'divine power'. I created the first children's yoga program and website called 'yOgaMini Project' in Turkey.  In the meantime I began teaching yoga to children of all age groups at schools and adults of various levels, especially beginner and intermediate levels.

After moving to South Africa, I came across the Tibetian Buddhist lineage, Shambhala ( in a Buddhist Retreat Center and I decided to pursue my mindfulness trainings with Shambhala. In February 2008, I published a Turkish children's yoga book called 'Lotus Çiçekleri-yOgaMini Projesi', donating the earnings of the book to support children's education in a public school in Malawi.


After moving to Turkey, I started to teach prenatal yoga and opened a yoga studio together with my colleague in Izmir. Two years later, I moved back to Istanbul and started giving private and group yoga sessions for people with various ailments and chronic conditions such as MS, scoliosis, back pain, herniated disc issues, cancer & addiction recovery, ADD, depression, anxiety, panic attack, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue and burnout. 


In Istanbul, I completed Paul & Suzee Grilley’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Later, I completed three levels of trainings when I moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands and travelled to Thailand to complete my Yoga Thai massage therapist certification. In 2017, I become a certified prenatal yoga teacher and Holistic Wellness Coach. I founded my company 'Holistic Wellness' in The Netherlands offering yoga, mindfulness, coaching, Yogamassage Therapy and holistic wellness workshops to individuals & organisations. In 2021, I completed Traditional Chinese Medicine Teacher Training with Yoga Medicine.

I have been following the Tibetian Buddhist Shambhala lineage for more than a decade now. Upon completion of several trainings in South Africa, USA, The Netherlands and France with this lineage throughout 10 years, I received the name 'Awake Sunlight'.

​I have attended various yoga, meditation, mindfulness, energy medicine, qigong, somatic experiencing, trauma & healing related courses, workshops, trainings, International yoga conferences and retreats with world-renowned teachers, including Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Cyndi Lee, Seane Corn, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Mooji, Peter Levine, Donna Eden and Tiffany Cruikshank. Click here to find more information about the trainings/workshops that I have attended.

My teaching style is an integrated holistic approach that incorporates gentle flow, Yin/Yang Yoga, mindfulness, Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Energy Medicine. I use somatic healing methods, trauma sensitive movements, breathing & relaxation techniques and incorporate wisdom of energy medicine,  Chinese Medicine, Taoist Vinyasa flows, meridian, chakra and 5 element theories into my yoga sessions. The emphasis of my classes is to cultivate awareness and create a deeper connection with self.  My aim is to help my students/clients to maintain optimum health, vitality and a balanced body-mind and spirit, utilizing the power of ancient teachings and various holistic self-healing tools. I strive to offer a safe, sacred, open space for students to reconnect with themselves, encourage self -inquiry & self-empowerment and awaken their body's self-healing power. 

I am an avid Karma yoga practitioner and actively participate in various Seva/volunteer projects since 1998, in Turkey, South Africa, Malawi, The Netherlands and India, especially relating to children, environment and addiction recovery. Click here to find my Seva work and volunteer projects.

I currently reside in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands.  Click here to find more information about my current yoga classes and workshops.


Below, you can find a detailed description of the yoga classes I offer.


" I think of you and your lessons with a happy heart. They helped me a great lot at a very important time in my life. Grateful forever." Michel



I offer extensive variations of yoga styles according to students' profile, needs and preferences. Below you can find the styles of yoga classes that have been described;

HATHA FLOW & MINDFULNESS: A gentle Yoga class, also suitable for beginners, that provides a good workout for the body, for creating positive & optimum health, helps relax your mind & rejuvenate your soul. This class offers an integrated and a holistic approach which consist of mindfulness meditation, slow flow movements, asanas (steady and comfortable postures), breathing awareness & exercises and deep relaxation. 


YIN/YANG YOGA & MINDFULNESS: This program consists of  mindfulness meditation, Yang sequences (Tao Vinyasa) and Yin Yoga poses and deep relaxation at the end. It is a program, where dynamic Yang flows and static Yin poses complement each other perfectly. This program has powerful beneficial effects on joints, connective tissue, facia, Chi flow in the body, plus it has emotional and mental therapathic long term effects. Please click here for a sample yin yoga practice.


MINDFULNESS MEDITATION: This is a meditation technique that is unconditional and easily applicable to daily lives. Roots of mindfulness meditation comes from "Shamata" and "Vipassana" which creates opportunity and opens space for insight & awakening toward one's inner self, whilst including outside world into the practice and practising being in the moment.


YOGA NIDRA: Yoga Nidra or Yogic sleep is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. The roots of yoga Nidra comes from the traditional tantric practice of nyasa. It is a powerful meditation technique, often referred to as deep relaxation with inner awareness.


PRENATAL YOGA: Prenatal yoga helps women before and after they give birth, as well as during the birthing process. The breathing and body awareness developed through yoga help pregnant women find balance between mind-body-spirit during the changes and different stages they live throughout their pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga has many benefits such as; improving strength, flexibility and endurance, reducing back pain and sciatica, relieving stress and anxiety and improving sleep. In addition, it aids digestion and helps maintain good posture.

RESTORATIVE YOGA: Restorative yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. During the long holds of restorative yoga, however, your muscles are allowed to relax deeply. It's a unique feeling because props, rather than your muscles, are used to support your body. This is a healing and transformative practice both for the body and mind.


RECOVERY YOGA:  Recovery yoga focuses more on healing, somatic experiencing, using the powerful tools of yoga such as  affirmations, mindfulness meditation, breathing, functional poses, deep relaxation and self healing ritual.


TEEN YOGA: The aim of Teen yoga is to to teach teenagers Hatha yoga, partner and group poses, meditation, breathing techniques and deep relaxation, to increase their awareness and help them better cope with anxiety and stress.

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"Since I started the online yoga classes with Beste, I feel a great deal of  improvement in my lower back pain. Aches and pains start to disappear and  gradually, impossible poses are becoming possible. The classes helped me to restore flexibility, improve balance and stability. They also helped me a lot to reduce stress and improve mood. I am learning with Beste to achieve a higher level of connection, awareness between the mind, body & spirit. Yoga classes helped me a lot to have a deeper connection to and understanding of my self. I love the classes and the emphasis on observing rather than reacting." Mona