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Client Reviews

Client Reviews
Yoga and peace
Peace and Love

''Change begins at the end of your comfort zone"

Holistic Wellness Coaching and Yoga:

''My first sessions with Beste, were all about discovering my issues and inner disturbances.  I found out that inner peace only comes with physical, emotional, spiritual wholeness. Therefore, firstly engaging with physical activities helped me to think in a healthier way and also to set out on a journey of spiritual wellness.The following sessions were more about deep soul work and determining my core, central values that I didn't even realise were important for me. 'Pyramid of Values'  was one of the most effective and exciting exercises for me, the values that formed the pyramid made me think through a lot and helped me focus on more soul-centered, core concepts for self-reflection.  Breathing & meditation exercises provided a holistic approach, a wholesome wellbeing. They helped me overcome the negative emotions and thoughts, and I felt somewhat cleansed- both spiritually and emotionally. I know that the process after this stage solely depends on me. But by following the road map we created together, now I know I can overcome this transitional period in my life. I can't thank her enough for the coaching and the friendship.''  Özge

''I've started yoga with a very basic intention to fix my back aches due to my herniated disc syndrome. After 1 year I can say that I am glad I had this problem because it introduced me to Beste. I now know that yoga not only heals physical body but also one's mind and soul. I feel the effect of it on every aspect of my life that has evolved for better ever since. I feel I have more awareness around my life from controlling my stress to getting a good night sleep or just reviving my body. Thank you Beste for this wonderful journey that I am planning to continue as long as I can :) '' Mine

''I met Beste to restart practising yoga shortly after I had relocated in the Netherlands. Once we’d set on to work together on physical aspects of yoga, I’d realised there is much more to it than I knew and Beste is a wonderful teacher. Our one-on-one sessions had always been a wonderful source of learning, relaxation and wellness, which I’d looked forward to week after week. Beste is a true “Divya”: a compassionate human being who is also passionate about learning and sharing her knowledge with those who want to learn for a more content life. I live on the other side  of the world now but I wish I could have benefited from her now much extended programs, for a better life where I could work with her. I recommend her programs wholeheartedly who would like to understand the significance of self-care and work towards a clearer, more content and fulfilling path of their own.'' Zeynep

''I met Beste and she kindly helped me with the knowledge that I could live a better and healthier life and it was a great life change because it was something that I had been looking forward to for years. The Holistic Wellness Coaching program is a great tool to reach your goals, discover your strengths and take care of every aspect of your life. So far I think the whole process is very realistic and easy to follow and also helps you realise the stage you are in and what you should do to move in the right direction. I definitely recommend this program if you are looking for a reliable process and a caring coach.'' Daniela

''Sometimes one knows that he/she needs to change, but not sure where to start and how to do it. Right at that point, you showed me what I couldn't notice and helped me to draw myself a wellness road map. I simply noticed my inner 'Gremlins' and find ways to fight with them. I learned how to organise the 'area of focuses' and daily plans. I know I am still in the beginning of the road, but I am much more conscious and have a more positive perspective now. Thank you for supporting me!'' Hande

Holistic Wellness Workshops:

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Divya's workshops recently on Mindfulness Meditation & Breathing. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable on the subject, something which became obvious during the workshop. She also effortlessly created a calming, friendly and informal environment quickly putting the participants at ease. She is very approachable and earnest in her willingness to help others. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and would happily recommend Divya." Mindfulness Meditation & Breathing Techniques Workshop, September 2018
''Beste's workshop is very well structured and it leaves you with the best information you will want to have on such an extended topic.'' Holistic Wellness & Self-Care tips Workshop, June 2018

''The mindfulness meditation experience with Beste, will not only stay as just a memory, but will make a significant contribution to my life, Thank you!'' Yoga & Meditation Retreat Mindfulness Meditation Workshop, July 2018

''It was a wonderfully introspective workshop, which made me realise the gaps and areas I needed to work on for holistic wellness. '' Holistic Wellness & Self-Care tips Workshop, June 2018

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