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Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga and Mindfulness


My teaching style is an integrated holistic approach based on mindfulness. Yoga and mindfulness classes that I offer consists of meditation, therapeutic yoga, functional and somatic healing methods, energy medicine, breathing & relaxation techniques, Taoist practices such as qigong and the 5 element theory based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


I help my students/clients to achieve and maintain optimum health, vitality and a balanced body-mind and spirit. Utilising the power of ancient teachings, awareness, healthy wellness habits and various holistic self-healing tools I aim to guide and support them to cultivate a consistent practice. I strive to offer a safe, sacred, open space for my students to reconnect within and encourage self-care, self compassion, self-inquiry & self-empowerment.


You can find information about my yoga and mindfulness classes below.

"Yoga is invigoration in relaxation. Freedom in routine.
Confidence through self control. 
Energy within and energy without"
Y. Delecto

Yin Yang Energy Flow
Awakening, invigorating and relaxing
Online Group Class-Every Saturday at 9.00-10.15 CET


This is a mindfulness based, 75 minute, online group yoga class (in English/Turkish), suitable for all levels. YinYang Energy Flow focuses on activating, circulating and balancing the qi (energy) & blood flow in the meridians (energy channels throughout the body) by stimulating target areas, tissues, joints, primary and sinew channels. This program is based on traditional Chinese medicine and uses the meridian & 5 element theories, acupressure points, qigong & energy medicine techniques to amplify the healing benefits of this yoga practice. 


YinYang Energy Flow classes include;

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Pranayama-Breath work

  • Yang Yoga-Gentle dynamic sequences & Taoist practices to warm up and activate the qi flow in the body

  • ​Yin Yoga-Static poses to support qi & blood flow in the meridians, around joints and connective tissue

  • Self acupressure massage for amplifying the benefits of this yoga practice

  • Guided deep relaxation techniques

  • Self-healing ritual

10 class package pp: 130 Euros*

(This yoga package is valid for 3 months and can also be used for Restorative Yin class)

*Holistic Wellness is a VAT excempt company.


Do you remember last time you experienced that feeling of being truly relaxed? 


Restorative Yin yoga is a mindfulness based gentle yoga style, which is all about slowing down, softening and opening up, using props -rather than muscles-to support the body during poses that are held long, where your muscles are allowed to relax deeply. This is a weekly online group yoga evening session, given in English. 


Restorative Yin yoga is good complement to more active practices & a fast lifestyle. It is nourishing, grounding and has an enormous capacity to rebalance & heal physical and mental symptoms that are stress related. It calms the mind, promotes parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest response), boosts the immune system and enhances mood states. In addition, practising Restorative yin yoga is a great help to anyone who is recovering from illnesses, such as cancer. It can help coping with burnout, pain, anxiety and depression. 

Restorative Yin Yoga classes include;

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Pranayama-Breath work

  • Restorative ​Yin Yoga poses

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Guided deep relaxation techniques and positive affirmations

  • Self-healing ritual

10-class package pp: 130 Euros* 

(This yoga package is valid for 3 months and can also be used for YinYang Energy Flow class)

Restorative Yin Yoga
Nourishing, gentle and deeply healing
Online Group Class-Every Tuesday at 19.30-20.30 CET

*Holistic Wellness is a VAT excempt company.

Private Yoga and Mindfulness 
Personalised, flexible timing and tailor made 
Online or In person

This is an online or in person, one-on-one 75 minute yoga and mindfulness class, suitable for beginner or intermediate levels, which is designed according to your needs and demands. The aim of these sessions is to help you adopt a consistent practice to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Benefits of these one-on-one sessions include time flexibility​ and can be offered in English or Turkish.


This program offers the choice among these yoga styles:

  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • Hatha slow flow

  • Restorative yoga

  • Yin/Yang yoga

  • Pregnancy yoga

  • Yoga for back pain

75 min. Online class/pp : 55 Euros*

75 min. in person class/pp: 65 Euros* 

*Holistic Wellness is a VAT excempt company.

This is a weekly online one-on-one tailor-made, 30-minute yoga session, once or twice a week designed according to your needs & demands, given in English or Turkish.


The aim of these sessions is to help you adopt a consistent practice for healing a specific condition and/or improving your overall health and wellbeing. A big advantage is flexibility of place and time, as the sessions can be arranged anywhere, any time during the day/week to fit your busy schedule.

4-class package pp: 100 Euros*

Yoga Reset
Short, effecti
ve and rejuvenating
Online Private Class

*Holistic Wellness is a VAT excempt company.

spa stones

"Beste is for me more than a yoga teacher, she is a mindfulness guru, and the perfect energy whisperer… I don’t know how I survived my extra busy life before I began her Yin Yang yoga classes. Now I know every Saturday, I have my precious time with her that will give me the peace, the calmness, and the rest of mind that I need to have the perfect weekend. In life I am a fast pacer, I am always in a rush, and in panic mode!  This session helps me to calm down and find my balance and slow down wisely, balancing my body energy. Thanks Beste for opening your heart, soul, and your mind for us to find the balance in our lives."~Selin

spa stones

 "I have been taking online private yoga lessons from Beste for a few months now. I experience quite some improvements in my life quality, not only physically but also psychologically. Beste listens to my needs and wishes really well... Beste is a very kind and friendly person and committed to teaching yoga. She has a deep knowledge, and years of experience in teaching yoga - in private and group lessons... can not thank Beste enough for teaching me yoga and guiding me in the practice so well. I have the feeling that taking private lessons from her brought me forward in my life.”~Cigdem  

spa stones

 "Since I started the online yoga classes with Beste, I feel a great deal of  improvement in my lower back pain. Aches and pains start to disappear and  gradually, impossible poses are becoming possible. The classes helped me to restore flexibility, improve balance and stability. They also helped me a lot to reduce stress and improve mood. I am learning with Beste to achieve a higher level of connection, awareness between the mind, body & spirit. Yoga classes helped me a lot to have a deeper connection to and understanding of my self. I love the classes and the emphasis on observing rather than reacting."~Mona

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