My Holistic Wellness Journey


My holistic wellness journey began in 2000, during the recovery period of a sports accident that caused a severe spinal fracture when I was 26 years old. It was a transformational time and a turning point towards a holistic lifestyle for me. After recovering completely, I became a disciplined yoga and mindfulness meditation practitioner.
Working with energy and yoga therapy have always fascinated me. I strongly believe in the wisdom of ancient teachings and the power of self-healing. Throughout the past 21 years, I have attended extensive trainings, workshops, online courses, conferences, becoming a certified Yoga & Mindfulness teacher, a certified holistic wellness coach and a YogaMassage Therapist. I started sharing my teachings with my students/clients/friends and family and till this day, I am passionate about helping people with their healing and transformative journeys.

I have been teaching yoga and holistic self-healing tools to all levels and for all age groups, since 2004. 
My teaching style is an integrated holistic approach that includes gentle flow, Yin/Yang Yoga, mindfulness, Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Energy Medicine. Click here to find more information about my yoga journey.