Mindful Energy Flow
Awaken your body's self-healing power

Would you like to learn a daily energy healing routine under 10 minutes to improve your
vitality and balance?

As Qigong master Lee Holden says, "in this universe, there is an abundance of energy and we can tap into it." Mindful Energy Flow is a short and powerful energy healing practice that you can use daily, which awakens our body's own healing power by tapping into the abundant energies in the universe and within us. This program is for everyone and anyone who wishes to learn about how our energy and meridian systems work, as it is based on yoga, mindfulness, energy medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.


One of the advantages of Mindful Energy Flow is that it takes only around 10 minutes, to complete your daily routine including both modules. In addition, it is very convenient as you do not need a yoga mat or special clothing, as it is practiced standing or sitting on a chair. If you practice when you feel overwhelmed, distressed or anxious, you will immediately feel calmer and more in balance. If you practice daily, you will notice powerful long term benefits which will bring you vitality, balance and healing.


Benefits of this program:

  • Activates and harmonizes the qi (energy) flow through the meridians (energy channels in the body)

  • Awakens the body’s self-healing power

  • Brings balance, vitality and joy into your day & life by helping you to feel vibrant and fully energized

  • Utilises potent acupressure points and healing sounds to amplify the powerful benefits of the practice

  • Calms the mind, brings mental clarity and focus

  • Helps to feel centered and grounded

  • Cultivates inner awareness and regulates emotions

  • Brings mobility and ease to the joints & muscles

  • Creates hydration of discs and spinal flexibility, mobility and strength with gentle spinal stretches to all directions using entire range of motion (spinal extension, flexion, side bending, twisting)

  • Nourishes and re-balances the nervous system by restoring the parasympathetic nervous system through deep breathing and gentle movements

  • Nourishes all body systems, especially the nervous, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, endocrine and immune systems

  • Supports the function of organs 

  • Balances, soothes and heals the body, mind and soul

  • Harmonizes, purifies and tonifies the 5 elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal elements)

  • Helps to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain and improve chronic conditions

  • Improves your overall wellness and health       

  • Promotes to create healthy energy habits for optimum health and wellbeing

  • Cultivates an introspective and insightful awareness 


This program is a synthesis of qigong (energy/breath work), Taoist meditation in motion, yoga, mindfulness, healing sounds, visualization, affirmations, and energy medicine techniques. There are two Mindful Energy Flow modules;


  1. Mindful Energy Flow-Module I: Daily self-healing energy routine

  2. Mindful Energy Flow-Module II: Taoist meditation in motion, emotional reset with the 6 healing sounds, visualisations and affirmations

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Check out my 2-minute video below to watch the first sequences of Mindful Energy Flow-Module 1, daily self-healing energy routine and my blog: 'A quick energy boost: The four thumps on the meridian points'.