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 Mindful Energy Flow
   Yoga + Qigong + Energy Medicine

Mindful Energy Flow is a short but effective daily practice which integrates yoga, qigong and energy medicine. It turns stress and anxiety into vitality, balance and calmness.  Mindful Energy Flow awakens your body's healing power, activates and harmonises the qi and blood flow in the meridians (energy channels throughout the body).

The three important components are: Mindfulness, movement and breath. With regular daily practice, you will notice powerful long term benefits, improved vitality, health and overall wellbeing.

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One of the advantages of Mindful Energy Flow is that it takes only about 6 minutes! Mindful energy Flow is suitable for everyone and can be practiced standing or sitting on a chair. You do not need a yoga mat or special clothing and you can practice it anytime, anywhere.

Book a private yoga & mindfulness session to practice Mindful Energy Flow and yoga with me! Click here for a FREE TRIAL class.

Read my blog here: 'A quick energy boost: The four thumps on the meridian points'. 

Check out my videos below to learn more about Mindful Energy Flow:  


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"Beste's classes are both a physical and spiritual journey. The care and personal touch she adds to every meeting makes me feel recharged and looking forward to the next class!"~Camila 

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I definitely recommend her holistic wellness coaching program if you are looking for a reliable process and a caring coach.'' ~ Daniela

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"I think of you and your lessons with a happy heart. They helped me a great lot at a very important time in my life.

Grateful forever."~Michel

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