Mindful Energy Flow
Awaken your body's self-healing power

Would you like to learn a daily energy healing routine that you can practice only in 8 minutes to improve your vitality and balance?

As Qigong master Lee Holden says, "in this universe, there is an abundance of energy and we can tap into it." Mindful Energy Flow is a short and powerful energy healing practice that you can use daily, which will awaken your body's own healing power by tapping into the abundant energies in the universe and activate the healing power within you. This program is based on yoga, mindfulness, energy medicine and traditional Chinese medicine and suitable for everyone.
One of the advantages of Mindful Energy Flow is that it takes only 8 minutes to complete your daily routine. In addition, it is very convenient as you do not need a yoga mat or special clothing, you can practice standing or sitting on a chair. When you feel overwhelmed, tired, distressed or anxious, you will immediately feel calmer, grounded and more in balance with this energy healing program. With regular daily practice, you will notice powerful long term benefits, such as feeling more energetic, centred, resilient and improving your vitality and overall wellness.

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Check out my 2-minute video below to watch the first sequences of Mindful Energy Flow-Module 1, daily self-healing energy routine and my blog: 'A quick energy boost: The four thumps on the meridian points'.


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"Beste's classes are both a physical and spiritual journey. The care and personal touch she adds to every meeting makes me feel recharged and looking forward to the next class!"~Camila 

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"I have always enjoyed the Yin/Yang lessons from Beste. When you come into her class, you immediately feel welcome as she radiates a lot of warmth and love. Whenever I think of Beste, I feel that warmth and love. Beste, I thank you for having taught me for all this time..."~Franz  

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"I think of you and your lessons with a happy heart. They helped me a great lot at a very important time in my life.

Grateful forever."~Michel