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Holistic Wellness

                                      Divya Beste Dolanay


Dear Soul Searcher,

I am Divya Beste Dolanay, founder of Holistic Wellness. Holistic Wellness offers Yoga and Holistic Wellness Programs for individuals & organisations to help them live a more balanced, fulfilling and wholesome life.  

I strongly believe that wellness, is the merging of two paths: Knowledge and action​.  Knowing where & how to start and taking necessary action are the essential steps of the wellness path. And the most effective path for optimum positive health & well being, for healing and for life-changing, long-lasting transformation is to take a wholesome, holistic approach. This means working with all aspects of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, occupational, environmental and social.


Moving towards holistic wellness, I invite you to re-connect within your higher self and find your true essence... Will you walk with me?


Warmest wishes,
Divya Beste Dolanay


Client Views

"I have been taking online private yoga lessons from Beste for a few months now. I experience quite some improvements in my life quality, not only physically but also psychologically. Beste listens to me. And I mean it: she really listens my needs and wishes..….. She pays attention to many aspects of the yoga practice, not only physical but also psychological and spiritual and explains very well that I'll get benefit from yoga if I'll do it every day...…… Beste is a very kind and friendly person and committed to teaching yoga. She has a deep knowledge, and years of experience in teaching yoga - in private and group lessons. She really takes her time during the lessons to teach. I've never experienced a sense of hurry during her lessons. Beste's guidance does not end with the lesson. She sent me charts with yoga poses, which I use every day when I practice myself. For some movement series, she has video's which I can follow. I can not thank Beste enough for teaching me yoga and guiding me in the practice so well. I have the feeling that taking private lessons from her brought me forward in my life.” Cigdem 
'I have started yoga with a very basic intention to fix my back aches due to my herniated disc syndrome. After 1 year I can say that I am glad I had this problem because it introduced me to Beste. I now know that yoga not only heals physical body but also one's mind and soul. I feel the effect of it on every aspect of my life that has evolved for better ever since. I feel I have more awareness around my life from controlling my stress to getting a good night sleep or just reviving my body. Thank you Beste for this wonderful journey that I am planning to continue as long as I can... '' Mine
"She effortlessly created a calming, friendly and informal environment quickly putting the participants at ease. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable on the subject, something which became obvious during the workshop.. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and would happily recommend Divya." Caitriona
"I definitely recommend her holistic wellness coaching program if you are looking for a reliable process and a caring coach.'' Daniela
'I recommend her programs wholeheartedly who would like to understand the significance of self-care and work towards a clearer, more content and fulfilling path of their own.'' Zeynep

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