YogaMassage Therapy

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YogaMassage Therapy is a meditative healing art that uses traditional Thai Massage techniques. It combines yoga poses, gentle stretching, acupressure and reflexology. While using unique body movements that takes care of the muscles, joints and circulation, it simultaneously creates space for mindfulness and a relaxed mind.


Benefits of YogaMassage Therapy are:

  • Improving range of motion

  • Stretching muscles

  • Relieving headaches

  • Stimulating circulation

  • Boosting energy

  • Lowering stress

  • Mental relaxation

  • Creating new balance of cortisol and serotonin

  • Activating the parasympathetic nervous system. 


Important Notes:

  • I offer my YogaMassage Therapy sessions only for women.

  • YogaMassage  Therapy is practiced with comfortable clothing, without oil.

  • The traditional Nuad Bo Rarn, which is a softer and more gentle style of Thai massage is used in this program.


Pricing and more information about the sessions

Location: yogaDivya HomeStudio, Amstelveen

Investment for yourself: 75 Euros per session (Holistic Wellness is a VAT exempt company)

Duration: 75 minutes

Time: Based on appointment.

Click here for more information and appointments.


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"YogaMassage Therapy has been a complete and balanced experience. It was soothing for my muscles and joints. Afterward I felt fresh and relaxed in both body and mind. The combination of disciplines made for unique yet cohesive full body treatment." ~ Robyn 

"After my YogaMassage Therapy, I felt relaxed yet energised. All the tension and tightness in my muscles were gone, replaced by a sense of balance and renewed energy." ~ Sinem

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"After my intense fitness programs, I feel muscle aches, which sometimes even last 2-3 days. Even though I do stretching, there is no solution for relieving the tension on the muscles. After YogaMassage Therapy, I have realized that my muscles are totally relieved and I reached total relaxation throughout my whole body. Even more, I realized I have muscles in my body that I still do not work out! I wish I could practice YogaMassage Therapy every time after gym.."~ Cem Kaya

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"Beste's YogaMassage Therapy is a wonderful blend of caring, relaxing and spirituality.  When I received her massage I felt very happy to open up and feel the energy during the massage. Her touch is gentle and deep. I like the end of her "warming down" the body and prepare to wake up. The good thing is, it is not really an end because it's just the beginning of realizing that it is all about sharing and be here in the moment. " ~ Mirjam van Baardwijk