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Three Ayurvedic Morning Rituals and a 6-Minute Daily Practice for a Healthier You!

In the pursuit of a healthier and more balanced life, embracing daily wellness routines and self-care rituals plays a pivotal role. To expand your holistic wellness toolbox, let’s delve into the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Ayurveda, an ancient system of natural healing from India, introduces us to ”Dinacharya”, a Sanskrit term that translates to "daily routine” or daily rituals. It embodies the traditional practices recommended in Ayurveda, designed to maintain harmony in both body and mind. These routines align with the natural rhythms of the day and the changing seasons, offering a pathway to enhanced energy, overall health, and well-being. Dinacharya is a deeply personal approach, acknowledging individual constitutions and specific health needs. By setting the tone for your entire day, it fosters a sense of wholeness, calm and well-being. These rituals allow your body, mind, and spirit to cleanse, gain clarity, establish balance, and promote positive health.

A typical Dinacharya might include practices like early bed time for sufficient sleep, rising before sunrise to synchronise with the body's natural circadian rhythms. In addition, ear lubrication & nasal cleansing (using a neti pot or other methods to cleanse the nasal passages); engaging in some form of physical activity and movement-such as walking, doing yoga or stretching; meditation for mental and spiritual well-being; consuming balanced, nourishing meals and self-massage forms a vital part of this daily self care regimen.

In the morning, beyond the essential rinsing your face, eyes and mouth, brushing your teeth and bowel elimination, three simple yet effective Ayurvedic rituals prepare you to embrace the day:

  1. Tongue scraping: Use a tongue cleaner to remove the bacteria-filled coating on the tongue and stimulate the digestive system.

  2. Drinking warm water: Start your day with a glass of warm water -ideally with lemon slices or lemon juice. It awakens and cleanses the digestive tract, hydrates the tissues and encourages bowel movement.

  3. Oil pulling: Swish and gargle with coconut oil for about 5-10 minutes to strengthen the gums, teeth, jaw and voice.

“Mindful Energy Flow,” a brief yet powerful daily yoga and movement practice can also be added to your holistic wellness toolbox. This practice takes about just 6 minutes and it incorporates breathing and energy medicine techniques, gentle qigong flows and yoga sequences.

Mindful Energy Flow;

  • Transforms stress and anxiety into calmness, vitality and balance

  • Activates and awakens the qi (energy) to flow throughout your body

  • Hydrates and lubricates the fascia, muscles and joints

  • Stimulates the digestive system

  • Stretches spine in every direction

  • Helps activate the lymphatic system

For a detailed demonstration, you can watch the Mindful Energy Flow video available at the provided link.

For additional information, please click the link below to download

Mindful Energy flow-Holistic Wellness 2023
Download PDF • 5.27MB

Our physical bodies are vessels for our souls, and taking care of this sacred temple throughout our lives has great importance. Living in balance and harmony empowers us to unlock our potential, fulfils our life purpose, supports us in achieving our heartfelt desires and living authentically.

Embrace these daily morning rituals as part of your wellness journey and may you live in good health, find balance, strength and harmony all throughout your life.

Divya Beste Dolanay

October 2023


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