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A Quick Energy Boost: The Four Thumps on The Meridian Points

Thumping or tapping on the four important meridian points is a very quick and powerful way to boost your energy when feeling tired and need to awaken the qi (energy) flow in the meridians. 'Thumping' means pinching the fingers with the aim of creating pulsation by tapping on specific acupressure points that run along the energetic pathways. This awakens and boosts our energies, by stimulating and circulating the qi in the meridians to cultivate balance and harmony in the body. There are 4 potent meridian points in the body that we can thump/tap to stimulate the flow of qi.

See the four-thump points on the chart below and also check out my one-minute youtube video to learn how to practice the four- thumps.

Important notes to know before beginning:

  • Thump/tap firmly each point 10-15 times

  • Breathe in through your nostrils and breathe out through your mouth during tapping

  • You can take a standing or seated position while thumping/tapping

  • Notice any tender areas or uncomfortable sensations. If you feel discomfort, you can still keep thumping/tapping to help release the energies at that specific point and meridian

  • At the end of the tapping, relax your hands, breathe naturally and observe whether you feel any sensations such as buzzing, tingling or warmth-which are the signs of activated Qi flow


  • Spleen meridian is all about digesting and metabolising, not only food, but also thoughts, experiences and emotions. Thump/tap firmly at the end points of the spleen meridian.

  • Location: Under ribs/chest on the sides, aligned with armpits

  • Benefits: Keeps energy strong, emits stress, balances blood sugar, boosts the immune system, assists the lymphatic system, helps digestion.


  • Thump/tap firmly.

  • Location: At the center of sternum, in the middle of the chest.

  • Benefits: Increases vitality, awakens the body’s energy and boosts the immune system.


  • Kidney 27 point is the last point of the kidney meridian, called ‘Shufu’. Kidney meridian carries the vital force of Qi. Shufu is the junction point of all the yin meridians before they switch to yang energy.

  • Thump/tap firmly to awaken the flow of Qi.

  • Location: At the hollow area under the end points of the collarbones

  • Benefits: Helps with chronic fatigue, supplies you with energy, increases concentration, beneficial for emotional reset, flips your energies back around if they are flowing backwards.


  • This is the first point of stomach meridian, thump/tap lighter.

  • Location: Under the cheekbones, below the eyes.

  • Benefits: Boosts the immune system, grounds your energies, relieves swelling and pain

Click here for information about my daily energy healing routine: Mindful Energy Flow which includes the four thump points.

Enjoy and stay healthy:)



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